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Library Subject Guides

Statistical Resources: International Statistics

Sources for locating statistical series about countries, economic and social topics

International statistics resources

Cross-national time series data archive
Country statistics dating back to 1815.

Provides direct access to the latest and most complete statistical information available on the European Union, the EU Member States, the euro-zone and other countries; free statistical information, including a wide range of structural and short-term information you can view online or download at no coste series for all Fund member countries, plus Aruba and the Netherlands Antilles; major Fund accounts series; and most other world.

International Financial Statistics
The IFS database contains approximately 32,000 time series covering more than 200 countries and areas and includes all series appearing on the IFS Country Pages; exchange rate series for all Fund member countries, plus Aruba and the Netherlands Antilles; major Fund accounts series; and most other world, area, and country series from the IFS World Tables.

International Monetary Fund Statistics
Includes a wide range of financial statistics, including individual country reports and projections

OECD iLibrary
The OECD's Online Library of Statistical Databases, Books and Periodicals

SIPRI Yearbook
Statistics relating to Armaments, disarmament and international security

The stateman's yearbook online
It includes country profiles and chronology of events. Can be browsed by places, people, international organzations, or abbreviations.

The World Bank Data
The World Bank Data website includes statistics, documents and news about every country.

World Databank
A complilation of a number of World Bank data products, the most significant one being World development indicators (WDI). Contains extensive collections of time series data. It has advanced functions for selecting and displaying data, performing customized queries, downloading data, and creating charts and maps.

World Factbook
Information gathered by the CIA. It contains information on the politics, populations, military expenditures, and economics of 2014.For each country, The CIA World Factbook 2014 includes: Detailed maps with new geopolitical data Statistics on the population of each country, with details on literacy rates, HIV prevalence, and age structure New data on military expenditures and capabilities Information on each country's climate and natural hazards details.