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Library Subject Guides

Visualise Your Thesis: Previous Entries

This guide will provide you all the information you need to know about the Visualise Your Thesis competition.

Pierre Lubis

Designing a sustainable product-service system to improve the health of the poor living in Jakarta slums using the Human-Centered Design methodology


Mareike Babuder - Winner of 3rd prize

Effects of sedimentation on seaweed forests


Gavin Hedley

Temperature swing adsorption for ethylene purification


Francois Thoral - Highly commended

From the Seabed to Space: Changes in the Coastal Light and Implications for Kelp Forests


Amrita Namasivayam - Highly commended

Understanding the Unmet Need for Contraception in Uganda: A Mixed-Methods Study


Rachel Williamson

Reconceiving maternal ambivalence: Subjectivity, experience and representation in 21st century literature and popular culture on motherhood


Daniel Boczniewicz - 2nd prize winner

Modelling stem properties for eucalyptus in New Zealand's dryland environments


Samuel Martin Treceno

Too hot to handle


Mohamed Mahmoud

Behavioural characteristics and physiological mechanisms of endogenous attention lapses


Yang Liu

The contributions of working memory and vocabulary in inference making among Chinese-English bilingual children


Maansa Bajaj Prakash

Agency in Learning: How does it relate to assessments?


Jane Alexander - 1st prize winner

Pipe Diagnostics: Just Add Pressure Waves