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Visualise Your Thesis: Home

This guide will provide you all the information you need to know about the Visualise Your Thesis competition.

Visualise Your Thesis

Why enter the UC Visualise Your Thesis competition?

  • Chance to develop your digital communication skills
  • Opportunity to gain a better understanding of the appropriate use of media in your thesis.
  • Chance to be creative
  • Opportunity to share your research with an international audience



1st prize               $1000.00 (and entry into the international Visualise Your Thesis competition)

2nd prize              $500.00

3rd prize               $250.00          

People's Choice: $250.00


Who can enter?

  • Postgraduate students (Master's, PhD and Professional Doctorate programmes) at any stage of their research based degree who are currently enrolled (i.e. have not suspended their enrolment)
  • Students enrolled in Honours programmes or Master's by coursework are unfortunately not eligible


What is the timeline?

8 May 2023:                             Entries are open!

10 May 2023:                           Free lunch and info session

18 June 2023:                          Entries close!

19 June – 20 June 2023:         Entries checked for copyright and technical compliance by competition organisers.

21 June – 5th July 2023:          Final date for resubmission with technical and/or copyright corrections.

10 July – noon 24 July 2023:            People's choice contest on YouTube.

8 August 2023:                         Prize giving, and winners are announced.

4 September 2023:                  First prize winner’s entry is submitted to the international competition.

September-October:                International competition (Final date TBA)


Who’s judging the UC competition?

Mary Wiles  

Jalal Mohammed

Blair Johnstone (Kaiārahi, Te Kura Tāura – Graduate School)


Register your interest and get the competition pack

Click this link to register your interest and get a link to the competition pack that has all the details:


Submit your competition entry

You can submit your entry here: (Please note, you will need to have registered using the registration link above to gain access to the enrollement key for the Learn course)

2022 Workshop Recordings

Recordings of the 2022 workshop sessions are available online:


(These are hosted on LEARN so you will need your UC username and password to access)

2022 UC Winner

Contact me for help

Things to watch out for

A few technicalities could disqualify your entry so make sure to read the entrant pack carefully!

Key technicalities:

  1. Your presentation must be no longer than 60 seconds, with 5 seconds each for the first and last slides containing your details. Don’t forget that each slide transition adds a second or two to your presentation!
  2. You have to provide complete references for all materials you use, such as images, audio, software and video. 
  3. It's necessary to secure permission for copyrighted items, and include this information in your references. Assume everything you find online is copyrighted, unless the item has a licence that explicitly states you can use it. Otherwise, you will probably need to seek permission.
  4. You must choose a Creative Commons licence for your presentation.
  5. An ORCID number is necessary to participate.
  6. You must use the template provided with the applicant pack.
  7. Your final work must be compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint 365 for Windows, or an .MP4 file no longer than 70 seconds.
  8. You must be a current UC student engaging in postgraduate research to enter. If you are employed by the university, for example as a lecturer, please check whether you are eligible to participate. Contact Rachel Doherty at if you are in doubt. 
  9. Talk to your supervisor before submitting, in case there are issues related to, for example, grants or intellectual property around your work. If your research involves a group, consult them before you submit an entry. 
  10. Any entry received after 11:59pm on 18 June 2023 will not be considered. 

International Competition

What is Visualise Your Thesis?

Visualise Your Thesis (VYT) challenges graduate researchers at any stage of their candidature to present their projects in a 60-second, eye catching, audio-visual digital display. Using a pre-supplied template, you are tasked with developing a striking e-poster presentation that succinctly describes your research, and its potential benefits, to a non-specialist audience.

The competition provides you with an opportunity to build and apply your digital literacy skills. By creating a “visual elevator pitch” you will develop crucial employability skills including effective communication, digital literacy, and visual storytelling. You will also build your awareness of open access to information and copyright.

Curious to see how others have responded to this challenge? Have a look at the Visualise Your Thesis figshare site, which features winning entries from local competitions held at Australian and international universities.