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Geography - Papa whenua: Books

Finding Books by your course code

Geography books are held in all of the UC libraries. We use the Library of Congress classification system for arrangement.

Every item in the Library has a unique call number which can be found by using the Library Catalogue.

Books which are in high demand for particular courses are held in special High Demand Collections. To see the list for your course, type the course code into the Course code search in the Library Catalogue, eg BIOL112

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New Geography Books

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Accessing Geography Books

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The Geography collections are spread across the Central, EPS and Macmillan Brown Libraries. Broadly speaking the Macmillan Brown Library has all areas of Geography whereas the Central Library has Human Geography and EPS Library has Physical Geography.

Geography books in the library


General Geography

G 70

Geography Theory

G 70.2

Geographic Information Systems

G 70.4

Remote Sensing

G 2795

New Zealand

G 3100 - 3102



Physical Geography

GB 400-649


GB 450-460


GB 651 -2998


GB 2401 -2598

Ice, Glaciers

GB 261 - 2798

Snow, Snow Surveys

GB 5000 - 5030

Natural Disasters



GC 190-190.5

Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction

GC 228.5-228.6

Ocean Circulation


Environmental Sciences

GE 105

Environmental Issues

GE 300

Environmental Management

GF 1 -900

Human Geography

GF 75

Human influence on the Environment

GF 125

Urban Geography

GF 127

Rural Geography


Social Sciences


Transportation and Communications


Social history, conditions. Social problems. Social reform



QC 851-999

Meteorology. Climatology


RA 792

Geography of Health (Medical Geography)