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Cultural Studies: Books

A guide to Cultural Studies resources in the Library

Finding Books for Cultural Studies

Cultural Studies books are shelved in many areas of the Central Library. We use the Library of Congress classification system for arrangement.

Every item in the Library has a unique call number which can be found by using the Library Catalogue.

Books which are in high demand for particular courses are held on High Demand. To see the list for your course, type the course code into the Course code search in the Library Catalogue, eg CULT 132

Items in Storage

Some older or less frequently used books and paper journals are held in Storage. These can be browsed in person by appointment.

To make an appointment, please email library staff

To search for books not held in the UC Library...

Cultural Studies Books

Browse by call numbers

HM     Sociology (Level 8)
HM 500 - 511     Culture and society
HM 621 - 623     Culture and theory, cultural studies
HM 631-636     The body
HM 646     Subcultures
HM 661 - 691     Social control, ethics
HM 831 - 886     Social change
HM 1206     Media and society, mass communication

HQ     Social relationships (Level 8)
HQ 12 - 472     Sexuality
HQ 503 - 1064     Family life, marriage
HQ 1088 - 2080     Gender and women's studies

HT     Community (Level 8)
HT 119     Urban life, cities

G       Geography and cultures (Levels 8 & 9)

GE 170-197 Environmentalism
GF 47 Human geography
GN 345.6- 345.7 Intercultural communication
GN 406 - 409 Material Culture

GV     Recreation & Leisure (level 8)

GV 706.5     Sport in Society

P     Language, media (Level 4)

P 87     Communications
P 96     Media, audiences

PN     Comparative literature, theatre, film (Level 4)
PN 851-884     Comparative literature

PN 905-1008     Folk literature

PN 1560-1590     Performing arts, show business

PN 1993-1999    Film. Cinema
PN 2000- 3307     Theatre
PN 3311 -3503     Prose
PN 3427-3448     Fiction genres
PN 6700-6790     Comic books

PR - PS     Literature (Level 4)
see PR     English Literature
see PS    American Literature

M    Music (Level 6)
ML 74 Digital music

ML 3798- 3800 Ethnomusicology and world music

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