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Scholarly Publication: Intellectual Property

An introduction to intellectual property, open access, current awareness, measuring impact for PBRF, and using the Research Repository.

Open licensing

If you want, you can give people pre-emptive permission for certain uses of your work.  Two common methods are:

  • Creative Commons "has built upon the 'all rights reserved' of traditional copyright to create a voluntary 'some rights reserved' system."
  • The GNU General Public License is "a free, copyleft license for software and other kinds of works".

See Open Access to find out some advantages of sharing your work.

Your copyright

When you publish, be aware of what rights you're signing over to the publisher and what rights they let you keep.  Some licenses mean that you're not legally allowed to share or archive your own work.  (Search publisher policies at SHERPA/RoMEO.)

However these are only default licenses.  You can often negotiate amendments to retain your rights - the Scholar's Copyright Amendment Engine lets you do this easily.

See SPARC for more information.


Research and Innovation staff are your initial point of contact at UC if you are interested in research, commercialisation, intellectual property, consulting or business opportunities.

You can search for existing patents in:

  • IPONZ - New Zealand patents
  • esp@cenet - European, US, Japanese & World patents
  • Scopus - US, World, European and Japanese patents

Not all patents' full text can be accessed freely and some cannot be easily printed. For help with these, please contact Dave, or Alison in EPS Library.

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