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Mendeley: Citing References

Install Word Plugin

From desktop Mendeley: Click Tools - Install MS Word Plugin

The Mendeley toolbar will install in Word under the References menu.

Insert an intext citation or footnote

  • Click insert citation from the Mendeley toolbar in Word
  • Search for an article or click Go to Mendeley, select an article and click cite on the Mendeley desktop toolbar
  • Select the citation style from the Style drop down menu


Insert a Bibliography or Reference List

Put the cursor at the end of your document and click Insert Bibliography from the Mendeley toolbar in Word

Edit citation to remove author names and/or add page numbers

  • From Word, highlight the inserted citation
  • Click Edit Citation from the Mendeley toolbar
  • Select the citation
  • Click supress author to remove author names from the citation
  • Enter page numbers next to page numbers

Selecting a style

15 styles are installed by default (includes APA, Harvard, Chicago and MLA). Other styles can be installed.

• To select a style, use the style window from the Mendeley toolbar in Word OR click View – Citation Styles from the desktop version
• Click More Styles to see a large list of other styles available for installing.
• If you can't find the style you need, is also possible to edit styles to meet your needs: More information