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Supporting Data Management at the University of Canterbury

Your data is as Important as your analysis

Welcome to the Research Data Management Guide

Why is good data management Important?

  • Helps you document and store your own data to use later
  • Enables discovery of data from other researchers which you can reuse
  • Avoids unnecessary duplication.
  • Validates your results if required.
  • Ensures your research is visible and has impact.
  • Enables you to get credit when others cite your work.
  • Complies with funder requirements


What can I do?

  1. Work through the excellent online tutorials at MANTRA
  2. Use a checklist to see if you need to create a data management plan
  3. Create a Data Management Plan - see the Data Management Plan Tool at the Digital Curation Centre
  4. Attend a library course on Data Management
  5. Publish your data with the UC Research Repository
  6. Lean how to cite other people's datasets


Learn about Data Management

from the Digital Curation Centre