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Finding Journal Articles

Use these databases to find journal articles on mathematics education:

Classroom Activities

Problem Challenge a mathematics problem solving competition aimed at intermediate school children, run by staff of the Department of Mathematics at Otago University.

Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching lots of cool problems using maths in the real world - how much does walking up hill slow down your pace? How likely is that two people in a group will have the same birth date?

Math Maven's Mysteries lots of activities at varying levels of difficulty.

NZ Maths lots of activities and lessons arranged by subject, including, algebra, statistics, geometry, measurement, and more.

The Magic of a Million Activity Book - hands-on activities to explore a million and other big numbers.

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Mathematics picture books at the Education Library

There are many maths picture books at 513.211 in the Classroom Collection. Browsing the shelves is the easiest way to locate books.

You can find the books listed in the PDF document under the first three letters of author’s surname, in the Picture Book section. For example, a book by Russell Bishop will be found at BIS.


Web Resources

TKI Mathematics Community contains information and material for teaching mathematics to support the New Zealand curriculum.

New Zealand Association of Mathematics Teachers

New Zealand Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (NZIMA) NZIMA undertakes and supports a range of activities in New Zealand that promote excellence in the mathematical sciences. Includes MathsReach - a resource to promote mathematics at high school level.

New Zealand Mathematics Units and lesson plans by level and curriculum strand, in Maori and English, focussing on problem solving. Overview of NZ Mathematics curriculum, levels 1-6 and related material. This website includes the 'Figure-it-out' series, full text online.

Maths Reach An outreach initiative of the New Zealand Institute of Mathematics to demonstrate the applications of maths in the world around us.

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