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Find books and/or articles on MultiSearch

Use MultiSearch:

  • Type your search words into the MultiSearch box.
  • If you know the Title or Author, search using the authors lastname and a few words of the title
  • use the limits on the left of the results screen to limit to Books/eBooks or Journal articles.
  • For academic journal articles, tick the ' Scholarly & peer-reviewed' limit along with 'Journal articles'
  • For books on High Demand, search using your  Course Code.

Help using the library

What is an appropriate resource for my essay?


  • Green: appropriate resources for your essay/assignment.

  • Orange: may be appropriate; consider carefully where the resource was located, how reliable it is, and why you are using it. Use sparingly.

  • Red: Very unlikely to be appropriate, unless identified by your lecturer as a resource they wish you to look at.

Other questions to consider
  • How much information do you need? Lecturers often give guidelines on the number of sources you should use.
  • Has your lecturer specified a minimum number of academic or scholarly resources? Scholarly resources are peer-reviewed journal articles or academic texts/book chapters. (nb. Government policy documents such as Te Whāriki are not considered scholarly resources, but are appropriate supplementary materials to use in your assignments).
  • Do you need current information or is older material relevant? Sometimes you might need both, as you might have to give both the historic background and the current situation of a topic.
  • Do you need primary sources that give an original account of research, or secondary sources that are interpretations of someone else's work?

Find information on the internet

The internet has a lot of useful information, particularly from governments and organisations. Check who wrote the page you're on:

  • a government department (.gov or .govt)
  • organisation (.org)
  • an academic (.edu or .ac)


Try Google Scholar to find reliable journal articles, or the Advanced Search features of Google to restrict your search to results from reputable sources.

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