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For as long as researchers have been publishing their research, there have been a range of different ways that the impact of those publications has been determined. 

Traditional output has been measured by academic journal publications, and these are usually referred to as Bibliometrics. This includes information about individual articles and the output of researchers over time and depends on the author of publications being correctly identified.

Today academic research output  has expanded beyond journal publications to include the range of emerging media including  presentations, slides, data sets, and much more. Bibliometrics cannot track the impact of those media. Altmetrics represents a new area of measuring scholarly impact that includes the widening channels of scholarly communication. 

How to measure the impact of an article, an author, or a journal

Article Impact metrics find out who has written the most highly cited articles in your subject or topic areas. 

Author impact metrics measure author impact over a lifetime

Journal Impact metrics are how you can find out the most important journals in your subject area. Different metrics will have different answers for you 

Altmetrics (Alternative impact measures)  find out the new ways that research impact is measured by comments in different forms of social media and other web news pages 

Field Normalised Citation Metrics compares an article to similar articles in the same field and timeframe 

Other viewpoints There is considerable debate in the scholarly literature about how useful these measures are 


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