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6. Measure Impact: Home

For as long as researchers have been publishing their research, there have been a range of different ways that the impact of those publications has been determined.

Traditional output has been measured by academic journal publications, and these are usually referred to as Bibliometrics. This includes information about individual articles and the output of researchers over time and depends on the author of publications being correctly identified.

Today academic research output  has expanded beyond journal publications to include the range of emerging media including  presentations, slides, data sets, and much more. Bibliometrics cannot track the impact of those media. Altmetrics represents a new area of measuring scholarly impact that includes the widening channels of scholarly communication.

Measuring Impact

Impact Metrics Tools

Outlines what tools are available to UC researchers to find a range of traditional and alternative metrics about their research impact.

Impact Metrics Explained

Includes explanations of various types of article, author, journal, and other types of metrics.

Non-traditional Research Outputs

Non-traditional research outputs include creative works, reports, discussion/working papers and intellectual property.

Real World Impact (Staff Only)

Links through to a UC staff only page with detailed information about how UC staff can maximise their real world impact.

Additional Reading

Guide: Measuring Output Impact

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