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5. Publish & Share: Home

The next steps

Once you have submitted your thesis you can consider the possibilities of publishing your work:

Discuss ideas with your

  • supervisor
  • colleagues
  • research group


  • Check whether your chosen publication has any effect on your ability to publish same/similar content in your thesis
  • Check the acceptance rates for your chosen publication
  • How long the process takes, from submission to publication.
  • Does your chosen publication require any payments, e.g. for tables, illustrations? Or if you choose an Open Access publisher, what are their charges?

This guide includes

Submitting your thesis at UC. Please note these reminders

Be strategic about where you publish 

Open Access explore this new model of publishing your work 

Predatory Publishers beware those publishers offering to publish your article for $$$

UC Journal Publishing the Library offers a publishing service

ORCID sign up for a researcher ID

Librarians suggest

That you include keywords that reflect the key concepts of your work and that are pitched to your target audiences

  • Use these keywords throughout the piece 
  • Your title should lead with the most important keywords, be relatively short and clearly indicate the content of the work
  • These keywords will make it easier for future researchers to find your work 

Research Support Team at UC

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We guide and support our community’s data, information and publication needs throughout the research lifecycle.

You can book online for classes on EndNote, EndNote online, NVivo and Using Word to write your thesis