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5. Publish & Share: UC Journal Publishing

The publishing library

University libraries are moving from providing similar sets of information in different places to collections of unique material shared with the world.  Publishing is a wide set of activities, from making our higher education degree research available in thesis archives, to hosting fully peer reviewed journals.

Journals hosted at the University of Canterbury

For examples of the service in action, check out:

Continental Thought & Theory

Pacific Dynamics

Project Monma

Starting a new journal?

Thiinking of starting a new journal, or improving the visibility and professionalism of an existing one?  This set of guidelines goes through what you will need in order to be indexed in Scopus and Web of Science.  Support from your Subject Librarians is available to help you work through these guidelines.

The Lightweight Academic Publishing Model - the quick way to set up a professional journal

The University Library is currently hosting a number of journals, and is an option you could consider for hosting your journal, amongst others.

We provide:

The platform is an excellent incubator for new journals.  We require that the journal be Open Access (CC-BY), and we would recommend that you don’t charge APCs if possible.

The downside to this is you would need to manage your own review process manually, and host a ‘front end’ webpage (though the University of Canterbury can provide a WordPress blogsite that would be entirely adequate)

There is no charge for the service.

Ethical guidelines

All journals should have explicit instructions for what should happen in the case of unethical conduct. Here are some suggestions based on the guidelines provided by the Committee on Publication Ethics

Who to Contact

Recent items published at the University of Canterbury

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