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5. Publish & Share: Strategic publishing

We recommend this youtube video

Publishing in Academic Journals 

by Dr Nick Hopwood 
Associate Professor at the University of Technology Sydney

This video covers a number of important issues relating to publishing in academic journals. It is a combination of all 4 parts of a series. 

These may help

Strategic publishing

You need to make sure that any articles you publish can be found and cited by other researchers.

We recommend that you publish in a journal indexed in Scopus.  This is a very large database used around the world and includes publications from 5000 different sources.

Publishing in a journal included in Scopus:

  • ​ Will increase the accessibility of your work

  •  Will add to the reputation of the University of Canterbury as a world class research institution by increasing the university's QS rankings (as long as you use 'University of Canterbury' (rather than, e.g. Canterbury University) as your institutional affiliation)

Create a list of journals you may wish to publish in

  • By checking where your supervisors and other colleagues in your field publish
  • Looking at your thesis bibliography. Which journals are listed there? you could consider publishing in these journals
  • Checking how highly rated the journal is 
  • Checking the process for peer review 

  • Checking the turnaround time for acceptance. Some articles take many months to publish articles

  • Checking to see if your journal name is included in Scopus Sources
  • Check the instructions for authors from the journal home page For word limits and other requirements such as appropriate content - some journals are highly specific as to what they will publish
  • Publication charges - consider publishing in an open access journal
  • Consider alternative journals to submit to if the first publisher rejects your submission;