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If you cannot find it at UC Library or online, request an Interloan and we will get it for you from another library. There is no charge for this service

Google Books

A good way to find out whether the details you seek are located in a book. Search previews of books and some full text of out-of-copyright titles; search terms are highlighted in results.

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Library of Congress Classifications for Medical Physics

Medical Physics books are held in more than one branch of the UC Library. Most Medicine books are shelved in the Central Library. Most Physics books are shelved in the EPS Library. The Library uses the Library of Congress Classification System for arrangement by subject.

QC Physics
R Medicine (General)
895–920 Medical Physics. Medical Radiology. Nuclear Medicine.
RA Public Aspects of Medicine
569 Public Health
766.R2 Radiation Sterilization (Public Health)
1231.R2 Toxicology
RC Internal Medicine. Practice of Medicine
78 Radiography
78.7.R4 Radioisotope Scanning
91 Diseases
RD Surgery
33.55 Interventional Radiology
96.5 Surgery
RM Therapeutics, Pharmacology
845 Radiotherapy

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  • Since 2024 the Library Catalogue has only included books and ebooks purchased by UC Library. It omits hundreds of thousands of ebook titles ‘leased’ through library subscriptions.