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Research Futures Symposium: Registration

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UC Registration

(requires UC email address e.g.,


Non UC Registration

(NB: due to an error this registration button only registers you for day 1 of the event, but we will assume registration for day 2 too) 

  • Register for the event, but feel free to only attend the sessions you are interested in.
  • Registration is open from now until day one of the event. 
  • There will be a waitlist open if places are full, should anyone cancel wait-listed registrants will automatically be allocated places (confirmation emails will be sent).
  • There are 2 registration links (see above) – one for registrants with UC email addresses and one for people without a UC email account.  NB: due to a glitch in the setup the link for non-UC registrants will register you for day one only.  Don't worry about this, we'll register you for day 2 too.