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New Zealand History: Newspapers

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Online Newspaper Resources

Papers Past 
Hosted by the National Library of New Zealand, Papers Past provides a constantly growing database of historic digitised New Zealand newspapers, periodicals, and other items. The database is full-text searchable and papers can be browsed in their original format. Years of publication available vary between newspapers, ranging from 1839 to thirty five years ago. 

Provides searchable access to current and recent editions of New Zealand and international newspapers and periodicals in their original print format. In many cases, dates available range back to the early 2000s.

Global news database providing search-based access to relatively recent full text-articles from a wide variety of sources, including many New Zealand newspapers.

Newspapers of New Zealand
Aims to list all newspapers ever published in New Zealand. Provides publication details and links to digitised copies where available.


Viewing Print and Microfilmed Newspapers

Print and microfilm copies are available for viewing in-library at the Macmillan Brown Library. Where specific issues cannot be requested via the catalogue, please email your request to Many of the newspapers are held off-site, therefore retrievals are weather-dependent and we require at least one day’s notice for retrieval of large holdings.


Christchurch Newspapers

Citizen Today/Christchurch Citizen

UC holds print copies for 2001-2002. The newspaper was initially published as the Citizen Today beginning in July 2001, before changing its name to Christchurch Citizen on 24 November 2001. The newspaper ceased publication in July 2002. 

Lyttelton Times/Christchurch Times

Canterbury’s first newspaper, the Lyttelton Times, began publication in 1951. It was re-titled the Christchurch Times in 1929, which then ceased publication in 1935. 

  • 1851-1920: available online via Papers Past, which provides searchable and downloadable digitised copies of the newspaper. UC also holds an incomplete print run for this period, as well as microfilm copies for 1851-1890.
  • 1920-1929: print copies available.
  • 1929-1935 (Christchurch Times): print copies available (incomplete).

Index: a microfiche index is available (produced Christchurch City Libraries) for select periods of the newspaper’s publication (see catalogue record for details).


Summary for Europe

Between ca. April 1862 and March 1896, the Lyttelton Times published an extended “Summary for Europe” edition in the latter part of each month. The edition featured the same content as the regular newspaper of that day plus a supplement featuring specially written summaries for Europe and America of local events and information, including sections such as commercial news; social news; current wholesale prices for goods; shipping news, including some details of passengers, reports of voyages, and cargo; and births, deaths, and marriages. It also included a small number of articles from the previous month’s regular editions.

UC holds two microfilm copies of the Lyttelton Times. The Summary for Europe edition is inconsistently featured in the two copies, and varies in its labelling. While both film runs feature mostly good quality scans of the newspaper, some editions are poorly legible or are filmed out of order. The two film runs can be cross-referenced to find summary editions and best quality scans.

  • The primary microfilm copy of the newspaper was filmed from print copies held by Christchurch City Libraries and covers the period 1851-1890. The digital copies available on Papers Past are taken from this film. When included, the summary edition sometimes features a banner title on the front page reading “Summary for Europe” (or in earlier editions “Summary for England”). Other summary editions are not labelled as such but include the summary supplement.
  • The second microfilm of the paper was produced from print copies held at the British Library and covers 1851-1884. For July 1874 to Dec. 1884 this copy includes only the Summary for Europe editions.  

The Press

UC Library holds a full run of The Press from its beginning in May 1861 until the present.

  • 1861-1979: most easily accessed online via Papers Past, which provides searchable and downloadable digitised copies of the newspaper. The library also holds these years on microfilm, as well print copies from limited, sporadic years between 1864 and 1965.
  • 1980-recent: available on microfilm.
  • Recent:
    • Factiva provides online, search-based access to full-text articles from July 1996 to current. ​Limit search to The Press by first clicking "Source," then "Group: Christchurch Press."
    • PressReader provides online, searchable access to complete, print format issues from the May 2006 to current.
    • Physical copies of recent issues are available on the Newspaper Stand at Central Library.


​Indexes to The Press ​for the period 1851-1994 (produced by Christchurch City Libraries) are available on microfiche:

  • 1851-1953: 20 separate indexes spanning periods of 1-10 years (see catalogue record for date ranges).
  • 1954-1994: Single index. Christchurch City Libraries has also produced a guide to subject headings used in this index.

For 1995-current ​Christchurch City Libraries provides Papers Index, an online, searchable database of selective articles, mostly of local interest.

Weekly Press

Beginning in 1865, a weekly edition was published targeting regional audiences. From 1893 it contained increasingly prominent illustrations and photographs. UC has limited print holdings between 1886 and 1923as well as special Christmas editions from 1897, 1904, and 1921.

The Star

The Star, variably titled the Christchurch Star, has been published in a variety of forms since 1868. UC holds an incomplete run of the newspaper, while further runs are available online:

Index: Christchurch City Libraries has selectively indexed The Star from 1998 to the present.

For dates not listed above, see Christchurch City Libraries

The Sun

Published between 1914 and 1935. Issues for the years 1914-1920 are available online via Papers Past. UC holds print copies for January 1916 to June 1935

Christchurch Community Newspapers

Community newspapers often have complex publication histories, as they frequently change names, split into smaller regional titles, or merge with other local papers. This can result in multiple separate catalogue records for what is effectively a continuous, though evolving, publication. Below, such related titles have been grouped together were there is a fairly straightforward publication history, such as where the title only varies slightly over time, or the publication splits into multiple regional editions under a common title. Where publication histories are more complex, such as resulting from the merger of two papers into a new title, separate entries have been given. Each distinct newspaper title is also included in the list of newspapers featured in this guide at the top left of this page. Individual catalogue records give more details on variant titles, editions, and former and latter titles for each newspaper.

Bay Harbour News

Community newspaper for Sumner, Redcliffs, Mt Pleasant, Ferrymead, South Shore, Lyttleton, and the Harbour Basin. Published since September 1999. UC holds an incomplete print run. Issues from March 2016 are available online.

Christchurch City News

UC holds one print issue from July 1980.

Christchurch Mail

Published between 1985 and 2018, variably as a either a single newspaper or as multiple regional editions with slightly varied titles.

Christchurch Shopping Guide

Features some local news as well as advertising. Published under varying titles.

​Consumers' Shopping Guide

  • 1981: ​print holdings (31 January to 27 June). 

​Christchurch Shopping Guide

  • 1981-1985​incomplete print holdings (4 July 1981 to 19 January 1985).

Christchurch Shopping & TV Guide​

  • 1985-1986: ​incomplete print holdings (2 February 1985 to 8 February 1986).

​Christchurch Shopping Guide

  • 198​6: ​mostly complete print holdings.

Coastal Mail

Published between October 2009 and February 2011. UC has mostly complete print holdings.

Lyttelton Times [community newspaper]

Print holdings from April 1994 to October 1996.

Mainland Press

Published between March 2011 and May 2013. Incorporates the Bay Harbour News, Nor'West News, Pegasus Bay News, and Southern View papers. UC has mostly complete print holdings.

News Advertiser

Features some local news as well as advertising.

  • 1979-1982​very limited print holdings.
  • 1994-1996: ​published as ​Community News (Advertiser ed.)​. Mostly complete print holdings between 19 September 1994 and 18 November 1996.
  • 1996-2004: Mostly complete print holdings between 25 November 1996 and 24 October 2004.
  • ​2004-2005: ​published in two editions: Northern and Western. Print holdings for 31 October 2005 to 4 September 2005.
  • ​2005-2009: publication of the title ceased and was replaced by the Star Community/Star Community News, published in multiple editions.
  • 2009-2013: ​publication of the title resumed. Largely complete print holdings between 1 March 2009 and 13 May 2013.

North Canterbury News

Largely complete print holdings from September 1994-June 2013.

North West Herald

Published between June 1993 and October 1995. UC has print holdings for 15 October 1994 to 5 August 1995.

Nor'west News

Community newspaper for Merivale, Fendalton, Riccarton, Papanui, Avonhead, Bishopdale, and Northwood. UC has largely complete print holdings from May 2004-current. ​Issues from February 2016 are available online.

Observer/Community News


Community News(Observer​ ed.)


​Observer: Community News

Pegasus Bay News

Community newspaper for Kaiapoi, New Brighton, Burwood, Shirley, Parklands, St Albans, Waimairi, Mashlands, Redwood, and Belfast. Print holdings for 11 February 2009 to 9 February 2011.

Pegasus Post

Shoreline: Incorporating the Lyttelton Times Monthly: The Community News Magazine

Incomplete print holdings from August 1985 to February 2002.

Shore News

​Published between December 2003 and September 2005, when it merged with the Observer to become the Star Community (Southern). UC has mostly complete print holdings.


Community newspaper for Lyttelton, St Andrews Hill, Mt Pleasant, Sumner, Redcliffs, Ferrymead, Cass Bay, Corsair Bay, and Rapaki. UC has mostly complete print holdings from April 2009 to February 2011.

SMOG: The Inner City East Community Newspaper

UC has print holdings from its beginning in December 1997 to March 2000.

Southern View

Community newspaper for Cashmere, Beckenham, St Martins, Hillsborough, West Morland, Rolleston, and Lincoln. UC has incomplete holdings from November 2007-current. Issues from February 2016 are available online.

Star Community/Star Community News

Star Community

Star Community News

  • 2006-2009: Published in four regional editions:​​ Northern, ​​Eastern, Southern​, andWesternUC has mostly complete print holdings.

​For related titles published prior to and after the above's publication run, see the News Advertiser and Western News: Community News.

Western News: Community News

UC has incomplete holdings from 1 March 2009 to current. Also available online from May 2016 to current. For an earlier related title, see the Star Community News (Western ed.).

Canterbury Newspapers

Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser

Print copies available for 1962 to 1985 (incomplete, and 21 March 1916 on separate record), and 1985 to current (incomplete).

Canterbury Standard

Published between June 1854 and April 1866. UC has complete holdings on microfilm, as well as print copies for 1858.

Canterbury Times  

Published between 1865 and 1917. UC holds print copies of three issues: 26 October 1886, 16 December 1900 (jubilee number), and 2 August 1911.

Canterbury Times (1996-2007)

Mostly complete print holdings. This title was continued from 2007 by the Selywn Times.

The Courier

Published in two regional editions: Geraldine and Ashburton, and Timaru and Waimate. UC has incomplete print holdings for 1996-1999.

Geraldine News

Incomplete print holdings available for May 1994 to current.

Kaiapoi Mail

Print copies available for 15 December 1989 to 18 October 1996.

Kaiapoi Record

Available on microfilm from its beginning on 28 July 1909 to 14 July 1915.

Kaikoura Express

Print copies available for 19 December 1987 to 27 April 1988. 

Kaikoura Star

Print copies available for 24 September 1987 to 7 February 1991, and 3 January 1996 to 5 March 1997.

Malvern Record

Available on microfilm from 3 April 1986 to 1988.

Selwyn Times

Print copies available for 7 August 2007 to current. Also available online from 18 May 2010 to recentThis title continued the Canterbury Times, published from 1996-2007.

Timaru Herald

Available online via Papers Past from its beginning in 1864 to 1920. Also available on microfilm from 1864 to 30 September 1912. Issues from October 2006 to current can be accessed onlne via PressReader. 

Weekly Press

A weekly newspaper targeting a regional audience published by Christchurch's The Press Co. from 1865. From 1893 it contained increasingly prominent illustrations and photographs. UC has limited print holdings between 1886 and 1923as well as special Christmas editions from 1897, 1904, and 1921.

National Newspapers

Sunday Star Times

Began publication in 1994.

  • ​1994 to 2003: available on mi​crofilm.
  • ​July 2004 to April 2010: print holdings available.
  • July 1996 to current: available online through Factiva, which provides search-based access to full-text articles​. ​Limit search to Sunday Star Times by first clicking "Source," then "Group: NZ Newspapers," then "Sunday Star Times."
  • ​February 2007 to current:  print-format issues can be accessed online via PressReader.


Auckland Truth

Available on microfilm from its beginning in July 1913 to June 1914, and from January 1915 to December 1916.

Auckland Weekly News

Very limited print holdings between 1901 and 1932.

Daily Southern Cross

Available online via Papers Past for 1843-1876, as well as on microfilm for 20 May 1862 to 1876.

New Zealander

Published between June 1845 and May 1866. Available online via Papers Past, as well as on microfilm.

New Zealand Herald

Began publication in 1863.

  • 1863 to 1945: available online via Papers Past.
  • UC also has incomplete holdings on microfilm, covering November 1863 to April 1939, January 1960 to January 1965, and October 1990 to June 2012.
  • ​July 2004 to current: print-format issued available online via PressReader. 
  • The newspaper also publishes a website.


Otago Daily Times

Began publication in 1861.

  • 1861 to 1950: available online via Papers Past.
    •  UC also holds microfilm for the period November 1861 to December 1900. 
  • ​​​August 2002 to current: available online through Factiva, which provides search-based access to full-text articles. ​Limit search to Otago Daily Times by first clicking "Source," then "Group: NZ Newspapers," then "Otago Daily Times."
  • November 2916 to current: print-format issues available online via PressReader.
  • The newspaper also publishes a website.

Hawke's Bay

Hawke's Bay Herald: And Ahuriri Advocate

Available online via Papers Past for 1857-1904. Also available on microfilm—incomplete holdings for 1877-1904.


Taranaki Herald

Available online via Papers Past from its beginning in 1852 to 1920, as well as on microfilm from 1852 to 1900.


The Dominion

Published from 1907 until 2002, when it merged with the ​the Evening Post.

  • 1907 to 1920: available online via Papers Past. 
  • March 1991 to July 2002: available on ​microfilm.
  • December 1995 to July 2002: ​available online through Factiva, which provides search-based access to full-text articles​Limit search to ​The Dominion by first clicking "Source," then "Group: NZ Newspapers," then "The Dominion."

Dominion Post

Formed in 2002 from the merger of The Dominion and the Evening Post​.

  • 2002 to current: ​available online through Factiva, ​which provides online, search-based access to full-text articles​Limit search to ​The Dominion Post by first clicking "Source," then "Group: NZ Newspapers," then "The Dominion Post." 
  • 2002 to February 2013: available on microfilm.
  • ​October 2003 to current: print-format issues available online via PressReader.

Evening Post

Published from 1865 until 2002, when it merged with the The Dominion. 

  • 1865 to 1945: available online through Papers Past. 
  • February 1865 to December 1900 and March 1991 to July 2002:​ available on microfilm.
  • December 1995 to July 2002: ​available online through Factiva​which provides search-based access to full-text articles. ​Limit search to​ ​the Evening Post by first clicking "Source," then "Group: NZ Newspapers," then "The Evening Post."

New Zealand Truth

Available on microfilm—incomplete holdings for July 1906 to June 1958

Newspapers at University of Canterbury Library