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Key Marketing Journals

GoogleScholar lists the 20 most highly ranked marketing journals. All are held online by the library.

To locate scholarly articles on marketing topics see Multisearch

Assignment information sources (with tips for wine or other products)

Use the links available in the Quicklinks section of the Business Subject Guide
Adapt these examples to your country and wine type: the more terms you can use, the more you will find, eg. search for white wine, riesling and pinot gris.

"white wine" and (united kingdom or uk)
You can limit by journal articles and date using the left limits

You can add concepts like production using and:
wine and  (united kingdom or uk) and production
wine and (united kingdom or uk) and industry

wine and (united kingdom or uk) and statistics
(riesling or pinot gris) and wine and (united kingdom or uk)

Business Source Complete
Same searches as Multisearch
Limit to 2000-

Wine production: New Zealand only. Useful background

3 searches:
Industries > Drinks > Alcoholic Drinks>Country Report>Wine>UK
Consumers>Income and Expenditure>Country Report>United Kingdom>View Stats>Consumer Expenditure on Alcoholic Drinks
Global search in top box for Wine and united kingdom

Google Scholar
Wine and production and (united kingdom or UK)
wine and import* and united kingdom
wine and market and (united kingdom or UK)
wine and statistics and (united kingdom or uk)

Market Research Data

Business Source Complete
Includes Marketline company profiles, industry reports, and swot analyses.
Select the analysis you want from the Publication Type menu.

NZX Company Research
Company analytics

New Zealand Companies Register
Details of New Zealand companies

Contains worldwide industry research reports, as well as financial information and annual reports.
MarketLine industry reports:

  • Connect to Orbis and click on the left building icon
  • Click on 'Research'
  •  From the options, click on Industry
  •  Click on 'Industry classification'
  •  Choose an area within the classification
  • The chosen area/s will appear on the right column, then click on the blue 'ok' button
  • Available MarketLine results will appear (by country or global reports)


IBIS World
Links to detailed reports on New Zealand industries.

Monitors industry trends and gives strategic analysis on market size and market share for products worldwide.
Includes a tourism module. Good NZ content.

Market Information Digest
Supermarket product category data for New Zealand from AC Nielsen Scantrack.

Access to over 1000 newspapers & 6000 magazines on current news, market research, investment analyst reports and stock quotes.

Press Reader
Collection of world newspapers

Business Database Referencing Examples

Euromonitor. (2018). Consumer lifestyles in New Zealand. Passport.

MarketLine. (2017). China Southern Airlines Company Limited:
    Company profile
. Business Source Complete.

Statistics New Zealand. (2013). Earnings by ethnicity, sex, and
     age groups

Youl, T. (2020). Airlines in New Zealand (Industry Report 14900NZ). IBISWorld.

Marketing Scales

Books on marketing scales are available in print and electronically

Statistics for Marketing

Statistics New Zealand has useful databases for demographic and economic data including 
NZStatInfoshare, and figureNZ 

A range of sources is available for international statistics