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Library Subject Guides

Music: CDs, DVDs, Video and Audio

Finding Music DVDs in the Library

If you already know the title

  •  In the Library catalogue , select DVD & Video title begins with and enter the exact title,
    e.g. Leaving home orchestral music in the 20th century

If you do not have an exact title

  • In the Library catalogue , select the DVD & Video keywords search
  • Enter any combination of composer, title, performer or conductor,
    e.g. Simon Rattle or Metropolitan Opera

DVDs are shelved in the Self-Loan Area on level 2

Kanopy Streaming Video

Kanopy is an on-demand streaming video service for educational institutions that works directly with filmmakers and film distribution companies to offer thousands of award-winning documentaries, training films and theatrical releases across diverse subjects and disciplines.


Finding Music CDs in the Library

In the Library catalogue

  • Click Advanced search (in the blue bar)
  • In the Limits select
    • Location = Central Library
    • Other Limits Recordings - music
  • Search by Keywords
    • Enter any combination of composer, instrument, title, performer or conductor
      e.g. Argerich Ravel


Tips for finding CDs of world music

  • When you have found a CD on your topic, click links in the Subject area of the catalogue record to find more CDs on this topic
  • To do your own search, follow the instructions above and for Keywords use the name of a country or region
    e.g. IndiaLatin America
    • Other possible keywords are "folk music" or "world music"
      – the quotation marks ensure they are searched as a phrase
  • You can browse a list of World Music CDs in the UC Library
    • Note the list is incomplete: you still need to do your own searches to find all the CDs
    • The Macmillan Brown Library has an extensive collection of Oceania music not included in the list


Naxos Music Library and Naxos Music Library World

Naxos Music Library and Naxos Music Library World are streaming audio services that enable you to listen to music through your computer or mobile device

  • Content is from commercially available CDs is continually being added to
    • Genres include classical music, jazz, Chinese orchestral music and classic rock
    • The same work often has several recordings, which is useful if you want to compare different interpretations
  • Owing to copyright restrictions, you cannot capture the music as a file

Search tips

  • Keyword search: enter any combination of composer, title, performer or instrument
    • Note that the search will retrieve the exact words you type in
    • Use the Advanced search option for more specific searches
  • Browse by genre, composer, artist or label by following the links in the grey menu across the top of the screen


  • Once you have selected your music recording, you can view the front and back CD covers and the CD booklets, if available (see the left menu bar)
  • Click the Works Detail button for more information
    • Use the tabs for ‘Work Information,’ 'Work Analysis' and 'Available Recordings.'
      • 'Available Recordings' enables you to browse and select from performers of the work
  • To select tracks to play, use the check boxes, then click the 'Play selections' button in left menu bar
  • You can create your own playlists.


  • Naxos can be used both on and off campus
  • The Library’s subscription is limited to 5 concurrent users
    • Remember to  Log-Out Naxos  when you are finished
    • If all five connections are in use, try again later

Creating Stable Links to Naxos Recordings

You may want to include the URL to a CD or a track from a CD in an essay or on a Learn page

Additional Help

Naxos Music Library blog – RSS feed

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