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Library Subject Guides

Music: Music History Resources – MUSA 231/331, 237/337

Databases for Finding Scholarly Journal Articles

Database Music Focus? Full Text Related by Subject Terms Related by “Cited By”
RILM Yes Yes and links to FT Yes No
JSTOR Limit to Music
(Advanced Search)
Yes No No
Project Muse Limit to Music Yes Broad areas No
MultiSearch Limit to Music Links to FT Yes, but variable Very limited
Google Scholar No Some links No Yes


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Referencing and Citation

APA 7th – Basic Format for All Types of Reference

Who. (When). What. Where.
(but no full stop after a DOI or URL)

Porter, C. H. (2012). Five lives in music: Women performers, composers, and impresarios from the baroque to the present. University of Illinois Press.

Samson, J. (2020). Romanticism. In D. Root (Ed. in Chief), Grove Music Online. Oxford University Press.

In-text Citations

Citations within the prose of your essay indicate which reference you are referring to in order to acknowledge the source of the idea, opinion or fact you are writing about.

Citations consist of:

  • Who (author surnames)
  • When (year)
  • Part of the source you used (usually a page or pages) – required for quotations, recommended for longer sources (e.g., books).

Examples of narrative and parenthetical citations using the references above:

Porter (2012, Chapter 2) ... OR (Porter, 2012, Chapter 2)

Porter (2012, pp. 56–65) ... OR (Porter, 2012, pp. 56–65)

Samson (2020) ... OR (Samson, 2020)

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