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Pacific and Pasifika: Music

Key Pacific Music Databases


The Archive of Māori and Pacific Sound  at the University of Auckland includes Music of Samoa

See the Music subject guide for other databases and sources.

Cultural Issues and Music

For an insight into some issues around the use of Pacific material, here are some introductory readings:

Moulin, J. F. (1996). "What's Mine Is Yours? Cultural Borrowing in a Pacific Context." The Contemporary Pacific 8(1): 128-153.

Armstrong, R. (2018). "Time to face the music: Musical colonization and appropriation in Disney's Moana." Social Sciences 7(7). )

Diettrich, B., et al. (2011). Music in Pacific Island cultures: experiencing music, expressing culture. New York, Oxford University Press.

Schroeder, J. E. & Borgerson, J. L. (2012). Packaging paradise: Organizing representations of Hawaii. In A. Prasad et al. Against the grain: Advances in postcolonial organization studies. (pp. 32-490).  Samfundslitteratur

Music online

Songbook from Coconet TV.

In the Vault. A playlist of New Zealand and Pacific music from the Turnbull Library's collections.

Traditional Pacific Music Animations from SOUNZ Centre for New Zealand Music

Pasifika Music in Aotearoa New Zealand

To get an idea of the books and recordings of Pasifika music and musicians in Aotearoa, follow this catalogue link

For journal articles, use Index New Zealand (link in the left column).

Pacific Music Awards.

Music in Pacific Countries- Books, Recordings and Printed Music

The Macmillan Brown Library has a strong collection of books on Pacific music. For works from individual countries search under each country (click on the links below). This is how you will find most of the Pacific material we hold.
Also look at music Oceania and music Pacific for works that cover several Pacific countries.

Cook Islands

Easter Island


French Polynesia






New Caledonia



Papua New Guinea


Solomon Islands

Timor Leste





Wallis & Futuna

If you only wish to see scores, you can limit your search to printed music however this will exclude books that have printed music within them but are not scores in themselves.

For articles about Pacific music, search RILM and for articles about Pasifika music in New Zealand search Index New Zealand (links on the left side of this page).

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