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Pacific and Pasifika: Literature


Anthologies Published in Aotearoa:


Other Anthologies


For more anthologies and criticism, search the catalogue using Pacific Island Literature and Pacific Island Poetry

Reviews and Surveys of Pacific Writing

Rodger, Victor. Pacific writing in New Zealand: The niu wave.  Academy of New Zealand Literature.


For an excellent survey of contemporary Pacific Islander poetry and a list of anthologies (not only poetry), see: Perez, C. S. (2020). "Towards a new Oceania": On contemporary Pacific Islander poetry networks. College Literature, 47(1), 240-247. 

Hermes, K. L. (2018). The female voice in Pasifika poetry: An exploration of "hybrid" identities in the Pacific diaspora. Journal of Postcolonial Writing, 54(5), 655-669. 

Hogue, R. H., & Maurer, A. (2022). Pacific women’s anti-nuclear poetry: Centring Indigenous knowledges. International Affairs, 98(4), 1267–1288. 

Pacific Authors by Country

Books by Pacific authors who are not from Aotearoa are mostly at PR 9695. Histories and criticisms of Pacific literature are at PN 849 .O26. 

American Samoa

Cook Islands


French Polynesia



New Caledonia

Papua New Guinea


Solomon Islands