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Pacific and Pasifika: Books

Our Pacific Book Collections

Most of the Library's Pacific books are in the Macmillan Brown Library but there are also Pacific books in the Central and EPS libraries. Pacific language readers are in the Classroom Collection in the Central Library. All Central & EPS Library books can be borrowed, some MB books can only be used in the library.

The Macmillan Brown Library's Pacific Collection on level 2 has most of the recent Pacific books. Most, but not all of these can be borrowed. If you would like a book that is not a borrowable copy, ask at the desk and we will see if there is a lending or e-copy available. We also have a very large collection of historical Pacific books in our closed stacks. These can all be used in the Macmillan Brown Library.

Pacific books online

Many of the books in our library are available as e-books. There are also these resources on the web:

ANU Press. Check out these series: Pacific; Pacific Affairs; State, Society and Governance in Melanesia.

Tidal Pools. Historic texts on the Pacific from Victoria University of Wellington.

Samoan Digital Library

Papua Heritage Foundation

Finding Books for Pacific Studies

Use Multisearch to find both e-books and 'paper copies' in our libraries. 

If you know the title of the book, type it in within quote marks, e.g. "island time" and click on the magnifying glass or press Enter. If you can't see the book you want, click on e-books/books and hit apply.

If you've got too many results and you can't see the book you want, click on Advanced search and change All fields to Title then click on Search.

When you can see your title, click on Access options to see if there is an e-book available or which library the paper copies are in. 

If you want a book on a topic rather than a specific title, type in keywords that describe your topic. To get the best results when searching for Pacific Islands information you can use the terms Oceania, Islands of the Pacific or just Pacific. Alternatively, narrowing your search to a region or country will give more focused results eg, Micronesia or Samoa.

Browsing the Catalogue for (paper copies of) Pacific Books by Country or Region


Culture/s Anthropology

(Books on specific types of art are at different numbers)

Cook Islands

DU 570

GN 671 . C7


DU 600

GN 671 .F5

N 7411 .F4


DU 647


DU 620-629

GN 671 .H3

N 6530 .H3


DU 615

GN 671 .K57

Marshall Islands


GN 671 .M33



GN 671 .N27

New Caledonia

DU 720

GN 671 .N35

N 7411 .N4


DU 780

GN 671 .C3

Papua New Guinea

DU 740

GN 671 .N5

N 7411 .S4

Rapa Nui / Easter Island

F 3169

GN 671 .E2


DU 810-819

GN 671 .S2

Solomon Islands

DU 850

GN 671 .S6

N 7411 .S65

Tahiti and Society Islands

DU 870

GN 671 .S55


DU 910

GN 671 .T46


DU 880

GN 671 .T5

N 7411 .T6

Tuamotu Islands

DU 890


DU 590

GN 671 .T9


DU 760

GN 671 .N6

N 7411 .V2

Wallis and Futuna

DU 920



GN 668

N 7411 .M4



GN 669



GN 670

N 7410