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Pacific and Pasifika: PACS 111

PACS 111

Welcome to the PACS 111 Subject guide page.

Here you will find some extra readings! This is just a small sample; for more resources click on the 'How do I find?" tab above or contact us

Country Resources

Here are a few resources. Have a look at the Country & Regional Information tab for some more tips or ask us.

Cook Islands

  • Crocombe, R. G., & Holmes, R. (2014). Southern Cook Islands customary law, history and society l Akapapaʻanga, kōrero tupuna, e te ākonoʻanga ture ʻenua o te Pā ʻenua Tonga o te Kūki ʻAirani. Cook Islands Library and Museum Society.
    Macmillan Brown Library Pacific Collection KT 5589.1 .Z7 .C938 2914
  • Crocombe, R. G., & Crocombe, M. T. (Eds.). (2003). Akono'anga Maori l Cook Islands culture. Institute of Pacific Studies in association with the Cook Islands Extension Centre, University of the South Pacific; the Cook Islands Cultural and Historic Places Trust, and the Ministry of Cultural Development.
    Macmillan Brown Library Pacific Collection GN 671 .C7 .A315 2003
  • Siikala, A., & Siikala, J. (2005). Return to culture: Oral tradition and society in the Southern Cook Islands. Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia.
    Macmillan Brown Library Pacific Collection GN 671 .C7 .S579 2005





Solomon Islands

Lending copies in the Macmillan Brown Library:

  • Kwa'ioloa, M., & Burt, B. (2012). The chiefs' country: Leadership and politics in Honiara, Solomon Islands. UQ ePress.
    Macmillan Brown Library Pacific Collection  DU 850 .K93 .K98 2012
  • Bennett, J. A. (1987). Wealth of the Solomons: A history of a Pacific archipelago, 1800-1978. University of Hawaii Press.
    Macmillan Brown Library Pacific Collection DU 850 .B471

Library-use only copy in the Macmillan Brown Library:

  • Liligeto, W. G. (2006). Babata: Our land, our tribe, our people : a historical account and cultural materials of Butubutu Babata, Marovo. Institute of Pacific Studies, University of the South Pacific.
    Macmillan Brown Library Pacific Collection DU 850 .L728 2006


Lending copies in the Macmillan Brown Library:

  • Lee, H. M. (2003). Tongans overseas: Between two shores. University of Hawaii Press.
    Macmillan Brown Library Pacific Collection DU 880 .L478 2003
  • Steen, T. M., & Drescher, N. L. (2011). Tonga: Land, sea and people. Tonga Research Association.
    Macmillan Brown Library Pacific Collection DU 880 .T6648 2011
  • Wood-Ellem, E. (Ed.). (2007). Tonga and the Tongans: Heritage and identity. Tonga Research Association.
    Macmillan Brown Library Pacific Collection DU 880 .T6643 2007

Available online:

West Papua

  • Chauvel, R. (2005). Constructing Papuan nationalism: History, ethnicity, and adaption. East-West Center.
    Macmillan Brown Library Pacific Collection DU 744.5 .C511c 2005
  • Elmslie, J. (2002). Irian Jaya under the gun: Indonesian economic development versus west Papuan nationalism. Crawford House Publishing.
    Macmillan Brown Library Pacific Collection DU 744.5 .E48 2002
  • Hisada, T. (2008). Indigenous development and self-determination in West Papua: A case study of the socio-political and economic impacts of mining upon the Amungme and Kamoro communities of West Papua. VDM Verlag, Dr. Mü̈ller
    Macmillan Brown Library Pacific Collection DU 744 .H673 2008
  • Leadbeater, M. (2018). See no evil: New Zealand's betrayal of the people of West Papua. Otago University Press.
    Macmillan Brown Library Pacific Collection DU 744.5 .L434 2018
  • Pouwer, J. (2010). Gender, ritual and social formation in West Papua: A configurational analysis comparing Kamoro and Asmat. KITLV Press.
    Macmillan Brown Library Pacific Collection DU 744.35 .M55 .P879 201

Web resources:

  • The Papuan Archive documents human rights violations from 2009 to 2019.
  • Papua Storyteller  is a cultural struggle where Papuan telling story from their eyes. Created by Wensislaus Fatubun, an Papuan fillmaker, human rights defender and anthropologist.
  • Papuan Voices

Dawn Raids


  • Anae, M., Iuli, L., & Tamu, L. (2015).  Polynesian Panthers: Pacific protest and affirmative action in Aotearoa New Zealand 1971-1981. Huia.
    Macmillan Brown Library Pacific Collection JQ 5881 .P783  2015  
  • Anae, M., Iuli, L., & Burgoyne, L. (2006). Polynesian Panthers: The crucible years 1971-74. Reed.
    Central Library, Level 8   JQ 5881 .P783 
  • Anae, M. (2020). The platform: The radical legacy of the Polynesian Panthers. Bridget Williams Books. 
    Available online (click link above and in Macmillan Brown Library Pacific Collection JQ 5881 .A532 2020
  • Anae, M. (2012). All power to the people: Overstayers, Dawn Raids and the Polynesian Panthers. In S. Mallon, K. Māhina-Tuai, & D. Salesa, D. (Eds). Tangata o le Moana: New Zealand and the people of the Pacific (pp. 221-240). Te Papa Press.
    Macmillan Brown Library Pacific Collection  DU 413 .P15 .T164 2012 & Central Library, Level 4, Classroom Resources 305.8995 TAN


Resources on the web:



There's lots more online and in the library- ask us if you need information on any particular aspect.

Early Migration, Voyaging and Settlement of the Pacific

  • Evans, J. (1998). The discovery of Aotearoa. Reed p. 15-18 discuss navigation and early European ideas about Pacific peoples' skills.
    Macmillan Brown Library Aoteaora Room DU 510 .E92 and Central Library Māori Education Collection 910.91648 EVA
  • Howe, K. R. (2008). The quest for origins: Who first discovered and settled New Zealand and the Pacific Islands? Penguin Books.  This includes a useful overview of the debates about deliberate/accidental voyaging- ch.5-6.
    Macmillan Brown Library Aotearoa Room and Central Library Level 9  DU 28.3 .H856q 2008
  • Irwin, G. (2006). Voyaging and settlement. In K. R. Howe (Ed.). Vaka moana: Voyages of the ancestors. David Bateman.  (pp.54-99)
    Macmillan Brown Library Pacific Collection DU 510 .V134 2006
  • Flexner, J. L. (2021). Oceania, 8000-1800CE: A millennium of interactions in a sea of islandsCambridge University Press. Section 3: Encountering new environments: The ends of Polynesia.
  • Lewis, D. (1994). We, the navigators: The ancient art of landfinding in the Pacific (2nd. ed.). University of Hawaii Press. chapter 1. 
  • Salesa, D. (2023). An indigenous ocean: Pacific essays. Chapter 1: The Pacific in indigenous time and chapter 4: Finding and forgetting the way: Navigation and knowledge in Sāmoa and Polynesia
  • Souness, K. (2022). Ko au he waka: He waka ko au: Kaupapa waka & education. Te Uruao Education and Research. Ono: Ngā Āria: Themes
  • Williams, M. (2021). Polynesia 900-1600: An overview of the history of Aotaroa, Rēkohu, and Rapa Nui. Canterbury University Press. Chapter 1: Movement and migration.
    Central, EPS and Macmillan Brown Libraries DU 510 .W728 2021

Media and Journalism

Titifanue, J., Kant, R., & Finau, G. (2020). A crucible for bottom-up regionalism?: The digital renaissance: West Papuan media suppression and social media in the Pacific. Pacific Journalism Review, 26(1), 140–147. 

Pacific Festivals

  • Giles, M., Giles, H., & Bernhold, Q. (2019). Cultural Festivals as Intergroup Settings: A Case Study of Pacific Islander Identification. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development, 40(9), 818–832.

This is a thesis so it’s a bit long but you can just go to the sections that interest you (or read the following article).

  • Mackley-Crump, J. (2016). From Private Performance to the Public Stage: Reconsidering ‘Staged Authenticity’ and ‘Traditional’ Performances at the Pasifika Festival. Anthropological Forum, 26(2), 155–176.

  • Williams, M. L. (2022). The ASB Polyfest: The Construction of Transnational Pacific Cultural Spaces in Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand. Pacific Arts, 22(1), 156–188.

Pacific Labour Trade / "Blackbirding"





Current Labour Conditions

Recognised Seasonal Employer Scheme (in horticulture and viticulture industries)


Google John Vea (artist and UC academic) for his work on Pasifika workers in Aotearoa.



PACS111 Essays

Politics & Regionalism

Fry, G. (2019). Framing the Islands: Power and diplomatic agency in Pacific regionalism. ANU Press.

Fry, G., & Tarte, S. (2015). The new Pacific diplomacy. ANU Press. 

Lawson, S. (2024)  Regional politics in Oceania: From colonialism and Cold War to the Pacific century. Cambridge University Press.

Levine, S. (2016). Pacific ways: Government and politics in the Pacific IslandsVictoria University Press.  See: Conclusion "Political institutions in the Pacific Islands".
Online and Macmillan Brown Library Pacific Collection JQ 5995 .A58 .P117 2016

Hassall, G. (2021). Government and public policy in the Pacific IslandsEmerald Publishing. 
Online and Macmillan Brown Library Pacific Collection JQ 5995 .H353 2921

Zhang, D., & Diamana, W. (2021). Pacific Regionalism: Opportunities and Challenges. (In brief 2021/33). Australian National University. Department of Public Affairs. 

Zhang, D., & Lawson, S. (2017). China in Pacific Regional Politics. Round Table106(2), 197–206.

For more resources see the PACS211 subject guide, the Politics and Governance subject guide page and the Country & Regional Information page.

Pacific Diaspora

Indigenous Knowledges & Innovation

Check out the resources under Entrepreneurship and Case Studies on the Pacific Business Journal Articles subject page.

Also try searching Multisearch using the keywords pacific "indigenous knowledge" NOT asia-pacific

Pacific Studies

Leenen-Young, M. (2021). "Guardians" of signatures?: Future directions in Pacific history from a Pacific early career academic in Aotearoa. Journal of New Zealand Studies, 33, 36-54.

Teaiwa, T. K. (Ed.). (2021). Sweat and salt water: Selected worksVictoria University of Wellington Press. Macmillan Brown Library DU17 .T253 2021

Thaman, K. H. (2003). Decolonizing Pacific studies: Indigenous perspectives, knowledge, and wisdom in higher education. The Contemporary Pacific, 15(1), 1-17.