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Pacific and Pasifika: Criminal Justice and Pasifika

This page lists some articles and news reports on Pasifika and the criminal justice system. 

For more resources on criminal justice and recommendations for searching for material, see the Criminal Justice l Muru Taihara subject guide. For books and book chapters on criminal justice with an Aotearoa NZ focus, see this page. For psychological aspects, see the Pacific psychology subject guide and the Pacific Psychology Research bibliography.

The NZ Justice System and Pasifika



NZ Police and Racial Profiling

Royal Commission of Enquiry into Abuse in Care: Pacific People's Experiences 

Personal evidence from Pacific people given to the Royal Commission can be listened to online: 
Public hearings: Tulou: Our Pacific voices: Tatala e Pulonga
Warning: Much of the content presented at the hearing covers details of abuse that may raise difficult emotional issues. 

Some viewpoints & attitudes: Pasifika & Palagi

Offending and Interventions