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Pacific and Pasifika: PACS 221

Climate Change- Indigenous Perspectives




  • Capstick, S., Hemstock, S., & Senikula, R. (2018). Perspectives of artist–practitioners on the communication of climate change in the Pacific. International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management, 10(2), 323–339.
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  • Teaiwa, K. (2018). Our rising sea of islands: Pan-Pacific regionalism in the age of climate change. Pacific Studies, 41(1-2), 26-54



Journal Articles

Climate Resilience and Adaptation

  • Current, R., Pearce, T., Salabogi, T., Vuli, L., Salabogi, K., Doran, B., Kitson, R., & Ford, J. (2019). Adaptation to climate change in an interior Pacific Island village: A case study of Nawairuku, Ra, Fiji. Human Ecology : An Interdisciplinary Journal, 47(1), 65-80.
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  • Medina Hidalgo, D., Nunn, P. D., Beazley, H., Sovinasalevu, J. S., & Veitayaki, J. (2021). Climate change adaptation planning in remote contexts: Insights from community-based natural resource management and rural development initiatives in the Pacific Islands. Climate and Development, 13(10), 909-921.
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  • Warrick, O., W. Aalbersberg, P. Dumaru, R. McNaught, and K. Teperman, (2017): The ‘Pacific Adaptive Capacity Analysis Framework’: Guiding the assessment of adaptive capacity in Pacific island communities. Regional Environmental Change, 17, 1039–1051.


Climate Resilience and Traditional Knowledge

  • Clissold, R., McNamara, K. E., Westoby, R., & Wichman, V. (2023). Experiencing and responding to extreme weather: lessons from the Cook Islands. Local Environment, 28(5), 645–661.
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  • Raisele, K., & Lagi, R. (2023). Indigenous knowledge systems’ role in addressing sea level rise and dried water source: A Fijian case study. Pacific Dynamics, 76(1), 332-353.
  • Malsale, P., Sanau, N., Tofaeono, T. I., Kavisi, Z., Willy, A., Mitiepo, R., Lui, S., Chambers, L. E., & Plotz, R. D. (2018). Protocols and partnerships for engaging Pacific Island communities in the collection and use of traditional climate knowledge. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 99(12), 2471-2490.
    Includes practical recommendations for engaging with indigenous communities in Niue, Samoa, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.

  • Vunibola, S., Leweniqila, I., &  Raisele, K. (2024). Reimagining innovation through Indigenous Agricultural Knowledge (IAK): Indigenous innovations and climate crisis resilience in the Pacific. Pacific Dynamics, 8(1), 483-502.


Climate Change - Other



Books on climate change are in the EPS and Macmillan Brown libraries and online. Find them by doing a catalogue search using the keywords climatic changes Pacific.

Journal Articles

For journal articles, start with Multisearch. Use the terms climate change and Pacific Islands (or the name of a country) as the term Pacific will pick up articles about Asia-Pacific and the Pacific Northwest.