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Library Subject Guides

2. Find & Manage Research Literature: Databases

A guide to finding and managing your literature

UC Library Databases

Quick Links to key databases

NZ info sources

Find the range of databases available for each subject

Databases by subject

Tips for searching databases

Develop a list of relevant keywords to use when searching databases

  • Use your early searches to collect other possible keywords 
  • Look for the more unusual words or phrases to search with
  • Words like "does," "the," "in," or "of"  won't help
  • Search for a phrase by including quotation marks around the phrase eg  "educational psychology"
  • Search by your supervisor or other notable authors known to you
  • Create new keyword combinations from your new list of terms and search again
  • Take note of what journals have relevant articles and search the journal separately
  • Include methods/ equipment / Tests / Acronyms  as possible keywords 

Find some 24 page previews of other theses here ...

Who to Contact

Dave Lane

Phone: +6433693903
Internal Phone: 93903

Discover the databases relevant for you

UC have access to a wide range of Databases from multidisciplinary to subject specific 

Google Scholar and ScienceDirect will search for your keywords in every word of the document
Use their date limits 

Scopus is an enormous interdisciplinary database with many options to refine or limit the search results including references cited and times cited

Subject specific databases may give you the most complete results but the full text may not be available and exporting to EndNote may be less obvious. Check the complete list of subject guides to find the best databases for you 

Publisher databases may give you access to journals/books not included in Scopus
Taylor & Francis