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3. Doing the Research: Home

About research methods

What exactly are research methods?

Research methods are the systematic tools used to conduct research.They are the systems that researchers follow to collect information in order to seek an answer to their research question.

Why are they important?

Research methods help researchers collect data in an accepted manner in order to produce accurate results. Sound methodology is important to make sure your research results can be trusted and respected in your field. In some disciplines, the use of standardized methods is also important to allow fellow researchers to replicate, or repeat, their studies.

Journal articles are always a good place to study research methods for a discipline.  


Doing the research

Quantitative Research is characteristic of Science and Engineering Research. You can find links to different books on these topics 

Qualitative Research  includes information about Sage Research Methods and other social science approaches 

Sage Research Methods is a useful resource for social science, business and health research 

NVivo is software that supports qualitative and mixed methods research. It’s designed to help you organise, analyse and find insights in textual data such as interviews, open-ended survey responses, articles, social media and web content.

Māori Research Methodology takes you to an extensive list of resources

Pasifika Research includes a list of resources introducing issues, guidelines and different models of Pasifika research. 

Statistics gives you a guide to statistical methods books and  information on how to access specialized NZ statistical resources 

Research Support Team at UC

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Dave Lane, Anton Angelo, Kerry Gilmour, Dave Clemens, Nick Scullin, Damian Cairns, Kiera Tauro, Stuart Broughton (Manager), Janette Nicolle

We guide and support our community’s data, information and publication needs throughout the research lifecycle.

Research Workshops