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1. Plan your Research: Writing Your Proposal

A guide for starting your research at University of Canterbury

ebooks on proposal writing

Books on writing your research proposal

Further suggestions ..

These ideas may help you think about your research proposal

You will need to do sufficient preliminary reading/research in the area of your interest
Think about the issues involved and  provide more than a broad description of your research topic 
Your proposal is not a fixed blueprint. Your first research results may alter your research plan and you can record this in your progress reports

** There is no fixed formula for writing a proposal**

YOUR challenge is to convince members of the research community that you

  • have identified a problem that can be clarified by your research 
  • have a theoretical background and a methodical approach to solve the problem
  • have a realistic time frame and reasonable expenses budgeted for 
  • will be adding some new information to research debates on your topic

Consult your advisor on length, layout (typeface, line spacing, font, etc.), format, as well as a table of contents and page numbers. 

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