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Japanese Studies: Books

Guide to Japanese Studies

Key Cataglogues

UC Library Catalogue

You can find Japanese Language material by entering your search words in Japanese (e.g. Nihongo kyoiku nenkan).

Alternatively, you can choose  Advanced search to limit your results in Japanese Language.

Te Puna


Guide to Call Numbers

Library of Congress Classifications for Japanese

Japanese books are shelved in the PL section on Level 4 of the Central Library. Please see also the DS section on Level 8 for Japanese history books. We use the Library of Congress classification system for arrangement. Every item in the Library has a unique call number which can be found by using the Library Catalogue.



Japanese Language and Literature (Level 4)


500 PL 500 contains books written in Japanese for all classifications, e.g. 500 B for Japanese philosophy, 500 DS for Japanese hisotry and 500 ND for Japanese painting
501 - 699 Japanese language
525.5 History of the language
532.5 Grammar
677.5 Japanese-English character dictionaries
679 English-Japanese dictionaries
700 - 889 Japanese literature
Authors arranged A - Z in the following periods
793 - 795 Early Edo 1600 - 1788
793.4 Chikamatsu
821 - 843 Showa period 1926 - 1945
839.A7 Tanizaki
885 - 889

Local literature






Japanese History (Level 8)

801 - 899 History and criticism

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