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Biochemistry: Citation Styles and EndNote

Journal Title Abbreviations

ACS style uses abbreviations of journal titles

EndNote is software for Windows or for MacOS that
  • stores details about your references
  • imports details directly from databases
  • creates citations in thousands of styles
  • automatically formats your bibliography in Word

It is free to use while you are at UC


A free reference manager for generating in-text citations and bibliographies in Microsoft Word, LibreOffice and LaTeX


A free citation management tool that allows you to save, annotate and format citations in order to create a

Citation Generators

For a quick and simple citation in one of the interdisciplinary styles, try

Citation Styles

The Department of Chemistry uses the ACS (American Chemical Society) citation style

Biochemistry lecturers may require use of


Check with your lecturer if unsure which style to use

Citations are needed

  • To give credit to the author
  • To prove you're basing your work on solid research
  • So readers can learn more
  • To avoid being marked down! | Wikipedian protester

Note: From Wikipedian Protester, by R. Monroe, n.d., xkcd ( CC BY-NC 2.5 DEED.