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Kā Kohika: Searching

Content Blocks

Use the content blocks on the Kā Kohika homepage to browse collections by theme, or to explore some of our more well known collections. 

Simple Searching

Enter your keywords in the search box on the Kā Kohika home page:

A search with more than one keyword locates records that include all those terms.

Use the * symbol as a wildcard. For example, the search term "dog*" will return results for both "dog", "dogs" and "Doggington".

Results will include materials from the archives and manuscripts, photographs, architectural drawings, and art collections.

Advanced Search gives you more options.

Read the Search Results page to find out more about working with your results.

Advanced Searching


Search more precisely by selecting a specific field to search, such as title, creator, or iwi. Not every record has this information though, so it is a good idea to start with a broad keyword search. You can select Any Field to search across all fields. 

A search using Keyword will look for all your search terms. A search using Any of these Keywords will look for any of your search terms.

Create more narrow searches by limiting the collection type, or the date.

If you know the details of they item you want to request, you can enter its Reference Code (e.g. 16879), or by its Accession Number (e.g. UC/MBL/0716).

Finding Related Material

When you have found a relevant item on your topic, click on the title of the item to view the full record.

Click on the collection number to get a list of all the items in that collection.

You can also find related material by using the Subject, Creator, Place, and Names links. The Library continues to expand this functionality. It is available in most, but not all records.