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Chemistry: Products and Prices

Chemical suppliers

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Chemical prices and commercial sources


SciFindern (first time? Register first) provides listings for the commercial suppliers of chemicals, and many of these suppliers provide pricing details.

Sign into SciFindern, then

  • click the Substances button
  • search for your chemical by chemical structure, molecular formula or other substance identifier
  • for the chemical you want, click the Suppliers button and apply any filters in the left-hand pane
  • the Purchasing Details column lists quantities and often prices, though for some listings you may need to click the “Product Information” or “Order From Supplier” link to view prices.


ChemSpider, a free chemical database, also links to commercial supplier listings which may include pricing details

  • search for a substance (by name or structure)
  • scroll down to "Chemical Vendors" and expand the section
  • try the "External ID" links.

N.B. If no currency is listed, the price is probably in US Dollars.

Historical chemical prices

Chemical Market Reporter from 1996 to August 2006 listed then-current chemical prices.’s Student Area includes these historical chemical prices – updating some of them in 2007 and 2008 – with the note that “these prices are a guide only, and must not be used to guide real-time business.”