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  • In-Print Books: the Library can apply to Copyright Licensing New Zealand (CLNZ) for a transactional licence when an additional 10% from any in-print book is required (up to 20% in total from the in-print book). For now the Library will pay for these transactional licences.
  • Out-of-Print Books: the Library can apply to CLNZ for OOP licences. The content used can be up to 100% of an out-of-print book if the application is accepted.
    • If the Library owns or can purchase an eBook version, no licences will be sought, unless the eBook access is limited to one or three users

Electronic Journal Articles

  • If the Library does not hold an article in print format or provide electronic access, the Library can apply to publishers to purchase specific articles, provided the publisher offers such a service.
  • Please give the Library the student numbers and timeframe required.

For any requests or questions, contact the Library via

Information Resources

  • Recommendations to purchase: email John Arnold (Subject Librarian for Chemistry) for books, journals* and databases*
    • Journals and databases undergo an annual review process (normally in July) in which new resources with an ongoing financial commitment are considered. The Library considers new recommendations for subscription submitted at other times during the year on a case-by-case basis

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