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The Library Catalogue lists books held in the Library's collection. Hints for searching the library catalogue:

  • Use Keyword or Title searches to find additional material.
  • Use the Browse Alphabetically: By Author search (e.g., Thucydides) to find primary sources.
  • Note that the Library Catalogue does not use abbreviated book titles. If your reading list uses abbreviation like CAH, you will need to type 'Cambridge Ancient History' in full.
  • Click the Subject Headings of useful titles to find books on related subjects.
  • Browse the library shelves in the classification sequences for Greek Language and Literature.
  • NB. Since 2024 the library catalogue only includes books and ebooks purchased by UC Library. It omits hundreds of thousands of ebook titles ‘leased’ through library subscriptions, which are listed on MultiSearch. The library catalogue has more functional search and sorting capabilities than MultiSearch, all the same.


The Loeb Classical Library – this book series provides the Greek or Latin text with a parallel English translation for most authors of the Classical period. They are shelved on the 6th floor of the Central Library, most Greek authors at PA 3612.  In the Library Catalogue, you can browse the whole series by author , or search for an individual title using Advanced Search (choose Keyword or Author and Series loeb).

Search in a similar way to locate Greek texts in other series, such as Scriptorum classicorum bibliotheca Oxoniensis (Oxford Classical Texts) and Bibliotheca Scriptorum Graecorum et Romanorum Teubneriana (Teubner).

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Greek Language and Literature – Central Library, Level 6

CN 350–455 Greek Inscriptions and Epigraphy – Central Library, Level 11
PA 1–199 Classical Philology in General
PA 201–899 Greek Philology and Language
PA 3050–4505 Greek Literature
PA 3051–3285    Literary History
PA 3300–3516    Collections
PA 3520–3564    Criticism, Interpretation, etc.
PA 3601–3681    Translations
PA 3612       Loeb Classical Library: Individual Authors
          (in alphabetical order)
PA 3818–4505    Individual Authors (in alphabetical order)
PA 3825–3849       Aeschylus
PA 3851–3858       Aesop
PA 3875–3879       Aristophanes
PA 3890–3926       Aristotle
PA 3949–3964       Demosthenes
PA 3973–3992       Euripides
PA 4018–4209       Homer
PA 4279–4333       Plato
PA 4367–4389       Plutarch
PA 4413–4434       Sophocles
PA 4452–4486       Thucydides
PA 4494–4499       Xenophon

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