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Classics: Theatre

Roman theatre in Bosra, Syria
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Terracotta Comic Theatre Mask, 4th/3rd century BC
© Giovanni Dall'Orto
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Choregos and Actors, Roman Mosaic
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Theatre – Central Library, Level 6

PA 3131–3238 Greek literary history: Drama
PA 3520–3564 Greek literature: Criticism, interpretation, etc.
PA 3545–3553 Greek drama–Textual criticism 
PA 3825–3849 Aeschylus
PA 3973–3992 Euripides
PA 4413–4434 Sophocles
PA 6067–6075 Roman literary history: Drama
PA 6141–6144 Roman literature: Criticism, interpretation, etc.
PA 6143 Roman drama–Textual criticism
PA 6568–6609 PlautusCentral Library, Level 4
PA 6664, PA 6685–6686 Seneca: Tragedies – Central Library, Level 4
PA 6755–6785 Terence – Central Library, Level 4

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