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The Library Catalogue lists books held in the Library's collection. Hints for searching the Library catalogue:

  • Use Keyword or Title searches to find additional material.
  • Use the Browse Alphabetically: By Author search (e.g., Plato) to find primary sources.
  • Note that the Library Catalogue does not use abbreviated book titles. If your reading list uses abbrveviation like CAH, you will need to type "Cambridge Ancient History" in full.
  • Click the Subject Headings of useful titles to find books on related subjects. Some relevant subject headings are:
  • Browse the library shelves in the classification sequences for Ancient Philosophy.
  • NB. Since 2024 the library catalogue only includes books and ebooks purchased by UC Library. It omits hundreds of thousands of ebook titles ‘leased’ through library subscriptions, which are listed on MultiSearch. The library catalogue has more functional search and sorting capabilities than MultiSearch, all the same.

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See tips on Finding Journal Articles.

You may also wish to search in Philosophy databases or browse this online bibliography:

Philosophy – Central Library, Level 11

B 108–118 General history of Ancient philosophy (non-Eastern)
B 165–626 Greek and Graeco-Roman philosophy
B 168–175    General works
B 187    Special topics, A–Z
B 187.5 Pre-Socratic philosophers
B 188–491 By Period
B 188–258    First period
B 265–320    Second period
B 310–318    Socrates
B 335–491    Third period
B 350–398    Plato
B 400–491    Aristotle
B 504–623 Graeco-Roman philosophy
B 508    Cynicism
B 512    Epicureanism
B 517    Neo-Platonism
B 525    Scepticism (Pyrrhonism)
B 528    Stoicism
B 535–626    Individual philosophers (in alphabetical order)
B 630–708 Alexandrian and early Christian philosophy
BC 28–32 Logic (Greek and Roman)
BJ 160–224 Ethics (Greek and Roman)

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