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Philosophy – Central Library, Level 11

B 108–118 General history of Ancient philosophy (non-Eastern)
B 165–626 Greek and Graeco-Roman philosophy
B 168–175    General works
B 187    Special topics, A–Z
B 187.5 Pre-Socratic philosophers
B 188–491 By Period
B 188–258    First period
B 265–320    Second period
B 310–318    Socrates
B 335–491    Third period
B 350–398    Plato
B 400–491    Aristotle
B 504–623 Graeco-Roman philosophy
B 508    Cynicism
B 512    Epicureanism
B 517    Neo-Platonism
B 525    Scepticism (Pyrrhonism)
B 528    Stoicism
B 535–626    Individual philosophers (in alphabetical order)
B 630–708 Alexandrian and early Christian philosophy
BC 28–32 Logic (Greek and Roman)
BJ 160–224 Ethics (Greek and Roman)

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