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Athenian Coin
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Solidus, Constantine II
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River Vessel Carrying Barrels
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Trajan’s Market, Rome
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Economics and Commerce – Central Library

CJ 301–763 Ancient Greek Coins – Central Library, Level 11
CJ 801–1147 Roman Coins – Central Library, Level 11
DG 28–29 Roman Roads in Italy – Central Library, Level 10
HC 37 Greece. Economic History
HC 39 Rome. Economic History
HD 132–139 Land Use in Ancient Greece and Rome
HD 4844 Labour and Work in the Ancient World
HE 159–175 Transport and Communication in the Ancient World – EPS Library, Level 1
HF 357 Commerce in the Ancient World–General
HF 373–376 Greece. Commerce
HF 377–378 Rome. Commerce
HG 237 Money – History, Ancient
HJ 212–225 Public Finance in the Ancient world

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