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Classics: Sexuality and Gender

Man kissing his younger lover
(Attic cup, ca. 480 BCE)
[image source]

Banquet scene; nude youth playing the aulos
(Attic cup, ca. 460–450 BCE)
[image source]

Aphrodite Anadyomene
(fresco, 1st century CE, Pompeii)
[image source]

Couple in bed
(Roman, ca. 70–90 CE)
[image source]

Erotic scene from Lupanar
(fresco, 1st century CE, Pompeii)
[image source]

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Sexuality and Gender – Central Library, Level 8

HQ 13 Sexual life and customs of the Ancient world
HQ 76.2 .G8   Gay men in Greece
HQ 76.2 .R6   Gay men in Rome
HQ 76.3 .G8   Homosexuality in Greece
HQ 76.3 .R65   Homosexuality in Rome
HQ 113 Prostitution, Courtesans in the Ancient world
HQ 1127–1139     Women in the Ancient world
HQ 1134    Greece
HQ 1136    Rome

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