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Law: NZ Legislation

Finding legislation currently in force

There are two main legal publishers in New Zealand (Thomson Reuters and LexisNexis), and both provide electronic versions of the statutes on their databases. The statutes are compiled (include all amendments) and very current. They also provide added value services such as commentary, legislative history, and links to associated case law.

Current legislation provided free to the public by the Parliamentary Counsel Office.

Finding Bills

Finding a current Bill​


Finding an old Bill

Older bills are available in paper copy on the 7th floor of the Central Library:


Checking the progress of a Bill

To check where a Bill is in the legislative process, you can use the Parliamentary Bulletin (electronic copy provided by the Parliament website).

Finding repealed and historical legislation

Both Thomson Reuters and LexisNexis provide electronic versions of repealed statutes on their databases. However coverage can be patchy:

Acts as originally enacted (without amendments or indications of repeal):


If you cannot find the statute in the databases above, you will need to turn to the paper copy.


If you cannot find what you need, please contact the Law Subject Librarians – Theresa Buller and John Arnold.

You can: