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Law: Research – Case Law

  Research – Case Law

  • From the general reading you have completed, you will now have some cases to follow up.
  • If the matter is governed by statute, search for cases that have been decided on the relevant section(s).
  • Establish whether you need to find New Zealand or overseas cases (or both).
  • You may need to find more cases on your topic by doing a subject search.
  • To find New Zealand case law, use Finding Case Law.
  • To find case law from other countries, use the Jurisdictions page.
  • Check that your cases are still good law by using a citator.
  • To find cases that cite an earlier case, use:
    • ‘Cases Cited’ field in any WestLaw NZ case database
    • ‘References to Cases’ field in any LexisNexis (NZ) case database


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