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Business & Economics | Te Kura Umanga: Finance

Financial data (free)

Most of these resources require you to register for access to the free material.
Some have additional paid features

Damodaran online
Valuation, including updated information regarding betas (both levered and unlevered), cost of capital, cash flow and growth rate estimation, multiples valuation, and option pricing models

Economic Policy Uncertainty Index

Downloadable historical data library compiled by Eugene Fama and Kenneth French.
The Fama-French 3-factor data is especially useful for analyzing fund and portfolio performance.

Google Finance
Provides real-time market quotes, international exchanges, up-to-date financial news, and analytics to help you make more informed trading and investment decisions.

IMF dataset
Includes Balance of Payments, Direction of Trade, Government Finance and International Finance statistics

The free basic package requires users to register through its website.
Includes financial data access and access to the article archive and forums.
There is also a New Zealand page

OECD Public Finance dataset 
Data and documents from the OECD and external sources to facilitate public finance research.
Spending, revenues and fiscal balances, expenditure and revenue components, debt and assets and more

Quality of Economic Signals

Canadian Securities records

Blockchain data

Free charts, tools, and social networking. Includes worldwide shares, cryptocurrencies, and forex .
Worldwide historical data and forecasts including economic indicators, exchange rates, stock market indexes, government bond yields and commodity prices.

World Bank Commodity Index
Commodity prices, analysis and forecasts

World Federation of Exchanges
350 market data indicators, including statistics on exchange traded products such as equities, derivatives and  ETFs as well as granular data on IPOs, and the WFE’s Median Simple Spread liquidity indicator.

Financial Statistics

Bank for International Settlements: detailed banking statistics

Canada performance statistics by industry
Access to data from more than 1000 industries across Canada

Eurostat Housing Price statistics
House price index, house sales, owner occupied housing price index for EU countries

Investment Company Insitute
Weekly data on money flows to mutual funds and ETFs, by investment type

Historical financial exchange rates from 1990-

Detailed Global Trade data.

World Bank dataset
Databases, pre-formatted tables, reports and other resources

US Resources

US Securities Commission

Federal Reserve Economic data

Digital library of U.S. economic, financial, and banking history

FRED: St Louis Federal Reserve
US Domestic and international economic and financial data. (530,000 US and international time series)

IPO Data
Wealth of IPO data from Jay Ritter University of Florida

NY Federal Reserve Bank Dealer Statistics
Updated weekly