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EndNote Guide: Managing PDFs with EndNote

EndNote Files

Download Links

EndNote X9 for MAC OS X

EndNote X9 for Windows

Once you have installed the download from this page you will get automatic prompts when updates are available. You will be asked for your UC login.

Additional Files

The Library provides some modified and additional Filters, Connection, and Styles files.

 Note that any zipped files need to be 'unzipped' i.e. right-click and choose the extract command. Copy these files to your EndNote file folder location.

If you just need the APA 7th style, note that this is not 'zipped'. Just save it into your styles folder.

C:/Progam Files (x86)/EndNote X9/Styles


Set Up Automatic PDF importing

Set up automatic PDF attachment

  1. Create a folder on your computer called EndNote PDF Downloads or similar
  2. Go to Edit -> Preferences -> PDF Handling
  3. Tick Enable automatic importing
  4. click Select Folder and browse to the folder you created in step 1 above
  5. Save PDF files for records you have already exported into your EndNote library to the folder created in step 1 above and they will be automatically attached to the record by EndNote


Search for full text PDFs

  1. Select reference(s) in your EndNote Library.
  2. Right click and select Find Full Text

    3.  EndNote will search and attach PDFs if they are found.

 To maximise the likelihood of “Find Full Text” working within EndNote:


Importing existing PDFs into EndNote

You can import PDFs into EndNote and, in many cases, EndNote will populate all reference fields in your EndNote library using its Digital Object Identifier (DOI).

1. Open your EndNote library and click File -> Import -> File

2. Click Choose and locate a PDF you wish to convert to a reference in  your EndNote with the PDF attached. If you have a collection of PDFs saved in one folder, choose File -> Import > Folder

3. Choose PDF as your import option. Click the Import button.

Note: If the DOI is not present, the PDF will be imported, but not the full reference fields. In this case, right click the reference, then choose Find Reference Updates  to locate its reference fields. Otherwise, you may have to manually type its reference fields.