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EndNote Guide: Using groups to organise your references

EndNote Files

Download Links

EndNote X9 for MAC OS X

EndNote X9 for Windows

Once you have installed the download from this page you will get automatic prompts when updates are available. You will be asked for your UC login.

Additional Files

The Library provides some modified and additional Filters, Connection, and Styles files.

 Note that any zipped files need to be 'unzipped' i.e. right-click and choose the extract command. Copy these files to your EndNote file folder location.

If you just need the APA 7th style, note that this is not 'zipped'. Just save it into your styles folder.

C:/Progam Files (x86)/EndNote X9/Styles


How to use groups

You can sort your references into different categories

So you can check the number and relevance of references you have for each subsection of your thesis or paper

The groups: All References, Unfiled and Trash will  always show at the side          

To create new groups in your EndNote library

  • Go to Groups | Create Group | Enter a title that is relevant to your work

In your main EndNote Library highlight the references you want to add to a group

  • Go to Groups | Add References to

References in these groups only appear if you enter them by menu or by clicking and dragging the entry from the main library to the group

Smart and Combination Groups