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EndNote Guide: My EndNote Install freezing at installation of direct export

Install Freezing at Installation of Direct Export

To bypass this error, please follow the steps below:

  1. Launch the EndNote installer.
  2. When you are asked whether you want to do a typical install or a custom installation, select to do a custom installation.
  3. When you reach the screen that allows you to select which features are installed on your PC, you should notice that there is a tick box at the bottom of the screen that says 'Install Direct Export Helper'. Make sure that this is not ticked.
  4. Finish the installation as you normally would.
  5. Once the installation has completed, please go to C:\Program Files\EndNote and then run risxtd.exe. If you do not have the Risxtd.exe file in your EndNote program folder, you can download and save it to your program folder by clicking here! This is the installer for the Direct Export Helper and you should find that it completes by itself quickly and without any issues. Once step 5 has completed you should have the entire program, including the Direct Export Helper, installed on your system. 

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