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EndNote Guide: Index New Zealand

Downloading records from Te Puna and Index New Zealand

You can connect to Te Puna from within EndNote and download references directly.

  1. Start EndNote and go to Tools -> Online Search , or click on Online Search icon  in navigation bar.
  2. Choose Te Puna in Choose a Connection window.

  3. Conduct the search and then highlight the records you want to copy and click on Copy to local library icon  in navigation bar.
    Your selected records will be copied to your EndNote library.

The method outlined below can be used to save records from TePuna/Index New Zealand as a txt file. This file is then imported into EndNote.

  1. Select the results you want to keep, and then click on Export.

  2. Select the Export Format and click Click to export.

  3. Save the page as a txt file.
  4. Open EndNote and import the txt file using the Te Puna or Index New Zealand filter.